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31145 records selected (out of 31145 total), 829 median lifespan -
UM-HET3FemaleControl823C2004The Jackson Laboratory
UM-HET3FemaleControl601C2004The Jackson Laboratory
UM-HET3FemaleControl842C2004The Jackson Laboratory
UM-HET3FemaleControl885C2004The Jackson Laboratory
UM-HET3FemaleControl950C2004The Jackson Laboratory
UM-HET3FemaleControl686C2004The Jackson Laboratory
UM-HET3FemaleControl610C2004The Jackson Laboratory
UM-HET3FemaleControl1043C2004The Jackson Laboratory

Lifespan: what is surprising?
This project is aimed at providing the answers to questions like:
  • What are the longest and shortest living strains of mice?
  • How does temperature affect the lifespan of worms?
  • Which strain of rats lives the same long on different diets?
  • Has there been any change in the lifespan of the same fly species with the same keeping conditions over time?
  • Which husbandry conditions produce the longest lifespan in certain species?

[1] ITP: Intervention Testing in Mice
[2] ITP in worms
[3] DrugAge
[4] Lucanic M, et al. Pharmacological lifespan extension of invertebrates. doi: 10.1016/j.arr.2012.06.006.